Top Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

2018 is almost about to end and with the setting in of 2019 you may be considering to get a Medicare advantage plan. Whether you are turning 65 or planning to get a Medicare advantage plan, you will need to contact an insurer who can help you get enrolled for the plan. Since enrolling and determining the plan is one of the confusing things, the medicare advantage plan insurer can help you with the total process. Also, you should be aware of the best plans for 2019. You may be able to save quite a lot of money, if you get enrolled in any of these plans.

Medicare Advantage Plan G 2019

This year, Medical Advantage Plan G was quite popular among the people. Hence it’s popularity will continue to rise in 2019 too. As compared to Plan F, many people now are preferring to enroll themselves in Plan G due to great benefits at much lower premiums. Plan G tends to cover the same benefits as that of Plan F. Also, Plan G covers about 100% of the deductibles of Medicare Part B. Your insurer can help you understand how plan G is helpful for you. Nonetheless, you can contact the various insurance companies as they can help you with the whole process.

Medicare Advantage Plan N 2019

Compared to Plan G and F, the premium cost for Medicare advantage plan N is pretty less. Also, it covers up almost the same benefits as that of Plan G and F. Nonetheless, in this case you will need to pay some amount on your own, since you are paying less premium. Some of the charges that you will need to cover over the time include

  • Paying deductibles of Part B every year.
  • Pay the copayments after clearing the deductible.
  • Copay will be of certain range if you conduct an emergency visit or visit the doctor daily.

Medicare Advantage F 2019

Although Medicare plan F will go away by 2020, in 2019 too people will continue purchasing it. The popularity for this plan may remain high among the elderly people since it covers most of the charges that aren’t covered by Part B. Although you will get to save money you should be able to determine whether you could switch plans in the future or not. The Medicare Advantage Plan F can prove to be helpful for the long-term basis and thus may be the best choice for you if you are ready to spend on it.